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Patrick Peebles, Director   US-born inventor and technical director of the FanWing project, Pat is self-educated in physics and aeronautics and previously specialised in electronic inventions. He was for some years international area manager for a US-based company before making a full-time commitment to the FanWing.
Dikla Peebles, Director   Dikla, British, a writer and for many years a teacher, founded the FanWing Company in 1999. Educated at York and Cambridge Universities and with a  background of event and project management in both technology and the arts, she is director of PR and principal fundraiser.
Gareth Jenkins, Director  Formerly administrator and educator in economic theory, policy and development, Gareth was for several years advisor and a US liaison for the FanWing Company.  Educated at Swarthmore and Harvard and for many years resident in Europe, he now lives in New Mexico, US.




Robert L. Barry, USA Amb. (ret.); Michael Bednall, Aerospace Consultant; Ross Bradley, former CEO, Strata, Mubadala ;  Andrew Chadwick, Business Development Manager, Frazer Nash; Professor JMR Graham (ret.), Imperial College; Simon Hudson, Director, Tavistock Communications; Dr Ray Kingcombe, Head of Technology, Aerospace and Marine Defence, BIS, UK; Rawle Michelson, MD, Ferghana Partners; Creighton B. Murch, President & Director, Maynard H. Murch Co. Inc; Cmdr Patrick Tyrrell, CEO, Vale Atlantic; Prof. Ir. James Wing Ho Wong, CEO, Allied Science and Technology Limited, Hong Kong.




Predicted markets will be in unmanned aircraft (UAVs) for surface or ground-penetrating pipeline, border, urban or other civil surveillance roles, minesweeping, fire-watch, coastal survey, crop spray etc. Subsequent exploitation will be in manned ultralights. Finally, as a quiet, mid-speed, short/vertical take-off-and-landing heavylift manned ‘Sky Truck’ application the FanWing will provide safe and simple short-haul emergency rescue over water and difficult terrain, fire-fighting, and low-emissions low-cost freight and commuter transport.


Awards and Nominations


2013-2015: Joint recipient of European Union FP7 Award for SOAR Consortium Project with DLR, Germany; University of Saarland, Germany; and Von Karman Institute, Belgium.


FanWing inventor Pat Peebles won the 2001 InterEx International Experimental Aircraft Award For Best New Propulsion System. In 2003 he won the Edward De Bono ‘Thinking’ Prize in the Saatchi & Saatchi International  Awards for ‘World Changing Ideas’. He  received award nominations from the Royal Aeronautical Society (2001), and the international World Technology Network for Ideas Most Likely to Influence the Future (2004). The FanWing was selected for the 2004 New York Times Ideas of the Year. 

The FanWing Company received two SMART UK Government grant Awards (2002 & 2003) and a London Development Agency JumpStart Connect Award. (2005)

 Oliver Ahad's Imperial College FanWing Computer Simulation Project Dissertation based on Pat Peebles' FanWing Ultralight designs and specifications won the 2006 Association of Aerospace Universities National John Barnes Award.




and what they say...


One of the few truly new aircraft since the Wright Brothers

Clive Thompson, New York Times


It looks like a lawnmower, was designed in a kitchen, but it could revolutionise aviation    Charles Arthur, The Independent


Peebles has hit on that rare thing: a new way of flying     Newsweek International


It may be that the FanWing becomes as common as the helicopter   Tim Robinson, News Editor, The Royal Aeronautical Society, Aerospace International


FanWing proves innovation is alive   

Paul Jackson, Jane’s & Aviation Week


Many people have tried and failed - the fact remains that it works    

Professor JMR Graham, Aeronautics Department, Imperial College, London


Patrick Peebles may have devised one of the most striking innovations in aircraft propulsion since Frank Whittle invented the jet engine almost sixty years ago    

Thomas Withington,  RAF Defence Journal



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