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flight clips

for most recent videos see  YouTube


First SMART UAV surveillance test: flight landing viewed from FanWing with onboard video. Link to computer by radio.  

Over the field

19th November: SMART UAV landing. Same flight as above viewed from below

      Test flight for SMART UAV prototype November 5th.  8 kg (lead weights) payload. Total weight 17.5 kg


First four test flights for SMART UAV FanWing prototype, September and October 2003







FanWing (Chester Model, rotor span 80 cm weight 600 g) take-off                                                                                The Chester Model in flight 


 Chester Model landing                                                      Chester Model: Complete flight

First flight of FanWing 8: 6kg, wingspan 1.8m

Second flight FanWing 8

A short take off - no continued flight shown


Flight 1

Flight 2